1. First, make sure  that the rough opening will be sufficient for the door unit purchased.  We recommend the rough opening to be a minimum of 1 inch wider and ½ inch taller than the jamb.   Your unit size can be found on the CAD drawing provided with the door.  Along with the size, the strength of the rough opening is also very important.  Make sure the studs are immovable to ensure the best fit, feel, and durability of your new unit.

  2. Make sure to predrill for any security or other wires that may be necessary on your door.  Install as recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. Unpackage your door.  Be careful not to use sharp objects against the door jamb or panels.  This can cause unwanted damage of the door finish.  Install the unit one piece at a time.  

  4. First, place the door jamb into position.  Make sure it is level top to bottom  and side to side.  This ensures the door does not “ghost” open or closed.   When the  jamb is plumb, square, and in the desired position, mark the studs or sheetrock for the mounts.  If necessary, remove the sheetrock where the flange will be placed.  Predrill for your mounting bolts and then bolt the jamb in place.  We recommend using SPAX 3 inch power lags in place of traditional lags.  

  5. Install the sweep onto the door panel.  Make sure to drill a hole if the door has a locking flush bolt.  Trim the sweeps if necessary, but make sure to leave them long enough to seal all of the way across.

  6. You will now hang the door slab.  This is at least a two man job.  Make sure the proper bearings are in place on the hinges.  If applicable, remove the glass to lighten the panel and make handling easier.  Lower the door on the hinge in the open position.  Close the door.   If you removed the glass, lower it onto its hinges and lock it into place.

  7. If the door came with Artisan Iron Pulls, place the handle in the predrilled holes on the outside of the panel.  Place the opposite pull on the inside and attach with the included screws.  Install the deadbolt as instructed by the manufacturer.  If the door did not come with Artisan Iron Pulls, install your hardware as indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer.

  8. Enjoy the durability and style of your new door!